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THE LAIR is a frightening story of four friends who unwittingly uncover the resting-place of a fiend.  By their discovery, they are forced to defend themselves and their families, who remain blissfully unaware of any danger, against a deadly encounter with the thing that they have angered.


Annie felt her legs began to buckle. Had she not been holding onto Kate, she might have fallen. They had to get out of there, as far away as possible, as quickly as possible. Annie tried to say this to Kate; she tried to move toward the screen door. She did neither. The door at the entrance to the lower lobby swayed inward another few inches. He was coming.  
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On a lovely autumn day, Johnny Mack Willard left home for an afternoon bike ride and never returned.  His unexplained disappearance has always fascinated best friends, Bailey and Amy.  Deciding to locate the old abandoned bridge where Johnny Mack’s bicycle was discovered those many years ago, they unwittingly set in motion a strange chain of events which could result in powerful consequences.  

Sometimes the dead do communicate!


If only it had been Amy who’d staged the scarecrow scene out in garden under the light of the moon.  But Bailey knew better.  She felt her stomach knot at the thought of what had actually been standing amongst the cornstalks, staring at the house.  “Dead scarecrow,” she muttered to herself.
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Short Stories

The Headless Man    For Younger Children
Jeremy's Cabin     Adult Reading
The Call of the Ouija    Teen Reading
Paying the Piper    Adult Reading

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